Video Surveillance, Security Camera Systems

From Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) to Infrared Surveillance cameras, Kentronix Security has the products and experienced staff to meet your security needs. We’ve designed hundreds of surveillance solutions for businesses, churches and homes throughout Jacksonville, Orange Park and Northeast Florida. Kentronix Security is “The Peace of Mind Team.”

Security Camera Benefits:

See & Hear Everything at Your Home or Business 24/365 With A Live Feed From Any Location!

A Kentronix Security Surveillance Camera System can provide many benefits to the business owner:

Improve Customer Service With “Spot Monitoring”

Poor customer service can cost you customers, destroy the reputation you worked hard to build, and can eventually cost you your business. How many times have you said, “my business runs better when I’m here…., but when I’m not here – it’s a whole different story.” Business owners are turning to spot monitoring using Video Surveillance to improve customer service. Kentronix Security is your local leader offering business and home Video Surveillance solutions at affordable prices.

Ensure That Employees Are Doing Their Jobs

Do employees work hard when the boss is away? Wages paid for work that is never done ads up. Fact, people do more good and less bad, when they think someone is watching. That is the heart of the Video Surveillance strategy we teach during the course of installing your system and training you how to get the most use out of it.

Eliminate Staff Theft

Video Surveillance is a key tool in protecting your business from employee theft. The hard reality is, a large number of American businesses go out of business every year due to employee theft. The two main causes of employee theft are need and opportunity. A Video Surveillance System from Kentronix Security safeguards your business against employee theft.

Protect Against Customer Theft and Vandalism

Video Surveillance combined with crystal clear “Spot Monitors” in public view are the strongest deterrent to shoplifting available. When would-be shoplifters see themselves in plain view and living color, they MOVE ON! Kentronix Security is your experienced Video Surveillance expert. We have a cost effective security solution to meets your needs.

Protect Your Business Against False Liability Claims

In an age of litigation, protecting your business from the devastating threat of false liability claims has become an absolute necessity. The absolute best way to protect your business from false liability claims such as the proverbial slip and fall. or even a false worker’s compensation claim, is through high quality video surveillance.

Remote Monitoring on a Supported 3G and 4G Smart Phones like iPhone, iPad and Android

With a Kentronix Security video surveillance system, you can check up on your security cameras anytime and anywhere with mobile monitoring apps that are specifically designed for viewing your video surveillance system on the go. These incredibly convenient and easy-to-use apps work with most Smartphone devices like iPhone, iPad and Android. So go run that errand, drop the kids off, or take a vacation: your Kentronix Security video surveillance system stays with you wherever you go.

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Video surveillance is one of the few business tools that can actually pay for itself in a relatively short time then go on to help deter theft and reduce loss for years. It’s the best investment you can make in your future success. Many business owners think of it as health insurance for their business.

New: High Definition 1080p Security Cameras & DVRs

New: High Definition 1080p Security Cameras & DVRs

Key Features:

  • HD1080P Video Output
  • Adopt HDTVI Technology
  • True Day/Night
  • 2.8 – 12mm vari-focal lens
  • 120dB True WDR, 3D DNR, Smart IR
  • Up to 131ft(40m) IR distance
  • IP66 weatherproof & Vandal Proof

Remote Security Camera Monitoring With Live Feed 24/7

Remote Security Camera Monitoring With Live Feed 24/7

See & hear everything at your home or business using your computer, laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android phone with a 24/7 live feed . Kentronix Security features the best in CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Systems.