Security Camera System, Surveillance Camera, and Fire Alarm Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Security Camera System in Plantation, FL

When you are looking for security in your Fort Lauderdale building, we know you need a truly professional installation that won’t fail. At Kentronix, we work with several companies throughout Fort Lauderdale to provide security systems that offer total protection from many of the risks they face.

The security camera system we’ll install for you will work so well; it will pay for itself. True color, clear pictures, and high definition in any type of CCTV camera or surveillance camera set-up you want. How about a face height for the front door, night vision for the parking lot, high angle for the elevator, dome for the lobby, or anything else you need. Notice how we mentioned different types of surveillance camera set-ups in different locations. Not only can we do all of that, but we can also provide the 24-hour monitoring you need. This can be the hard part for any commercial building in Fort Lauderdale looking for a complete security camera system. Too often, one person is left in charge of all the monitoring but might have more than one job to do. Let us figure out the complete system for you from start to finish.

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Fire Alarm Installation and Fire Alarm Systems in Fort Lauderdale

Fire alarm installation is part of our service offering and shows how our design consultation services are different. Creating fire alarm systems is where our skills as an engineering firm stand out as we know the regulations of South Florida. After all, we’ve been creating alarm systems here for more than 40 years. We also keep up on the different changes and upgrades necessary as required by state and local regulations.

Our systems are designed to meet codes but can also include other aspects if desired, including:

  • Smoke detection
  • Advanced flame detection
  • Explosion suppression and isolation
  • Infrared and heat detection

We use advanced UL-listed commercial fire systems required by many municipalities and considered the top-of-the-line in equipment. And, we can always link fire alarm systems with other systems as needed, including sprinkler systems, burglary alarms, and more for seamless alarm and notifications.

Commercial Security Camera Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL

While once the spring break destination for college students, Fort Lauderdale has since become a hub for wealthier tourists. Two of the main draws are the cruise ship industry and the many convention center locations. The rise in these industries also brings supporting businesses such as restaurants, transportation, excursions, and shopping. And, as the main hub of cruise ships, many corporate headquarters for the cruise ship industry are located in the Ft Lauderdale vicinity.