Security Camera System, Home Alarm, and Commercial Security Systems in St. Augustine, FL

Security Camera System in St. Augustine, FL

When we follow up with customers after installing their alarm systems, they often tell us the alarm system paid for itself, whether it’s a noticeable reduction in crime or all the incidences they averted from becoming a crime. This is because security systems are becoming more user-friendly with better equipment available. Forget about the grainy footage on a small screen or having to keep VCR tapes around. Now you can control your home alarm from anywhere in the world by using your smart device. In addition, your business can have cameras that can follow individuals and zoom in if needed.

If you’ve been curious about learning more about a security camera system or alarm systems for your St. Augustine home or business, give us a call. Your security needs are different from any other home or business because of layout, dark spots, hidden areas, and more. We always offer free estimates and will provide a plan to provide the security you are looking for safety and protection.

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Security Systems and Fire Alarm Systems for St. Augustine Businesses

Kentronix has been working throughout north and south Florida for 40 years. Our company was started by an engineer and continues with the tradition of high-quality equipment designed to work cohesively for a complete security package. This is the same base we work on today. We continue to improve as newer technology evolves and bring better security to our company.

We keep a complete portfolio at any time that includes home security systems up to large commercial fire alarm systems. This range benefits our customers because they are getting personal service from an engineering design firm capable of designing large-scale alarm systems to meet municipal codes.

  • Over 40 years of high-quality security systems
  • Only use the highest-quality equipment
  • On-going training
  • Consistently meet or exceed customer deadlines
  • Licensed and certified
  • Fire alarm installation and testing
  • Locations in north and south Florida
  • Central monitoring station
  • Security, fire, camera, and access control systems
  • Residential, commercial, government, and religious customers
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • CCTV, surveillance camera, and security camera systems

We are excited to meet with you and tell you how we can help your family or business stay safe and secure. Our estimates are always free, and our portfolio includes security systems from small homes to large business complexes. We give every project the same amount of design and detail, no matter what size.

Security Systems for St. Augustine, FL

If there’s one thing St. Augustine is famous for, it’s the Castillo de San Marcos that was first started in 1672. St. Augustine itself was founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers who thought they had found the location of the Fountain of Youth. As of today, St. Augustine remains the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement in the contiguous US.