Home Alarm and Security Systems in Jacksonville, FL

Home Alarm in Jacksonville, FL

When it comes to installing security systems in your Jacksonville home or business, make sure you go with a company that has experience in both areas to know the difference in equipment, setup, and monitoring. For example, home security systems often rely on motion sensors, while commercial alarm systems use CCTV cameras or surveillance camera systems. For notifications, a home alarm might send information to a smart device or monitoring station. The exact format can be used in commercial security systems, but they also could have 24-hour video surveillance or full-time employee monitoring systems.

At Kentronix, we have been helping Jacksonville residents and businesses get the alarm systems for their needs for 40 years. We have helped all types of companies, including daycares, retail, office buildings, industrial complexes, condos, and more. So when it comes time to find the right alarm systems for you, rest assured we have the experience and knowledge to make the right recommendations in security systems, equipment, and monitoring to protect you, your family, and your business.

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Fire Alarm Systems for Jacksonville Businesses

fire alarm installation is more of an engineering endeavor than a security alarm or a security camera system. Fire alarm systems must also hook into sprinklers, emergency notifications, and other warning systems. You also have local jurisdictions with authority that must inspect your fire alarm installation in Jacksonville to ensure it adheres to rules regarding power, backup power, notification systems, and more.

Some companies may say they can do fire alarm installations but insist on a licensed and certified company. You also should review the different equipment that will be used in your fire alarm system. A benefit of choosing Kentronix for your fire alarm installation is that we can also link the system with other alarm systems, including surveillance camera systems and security systems, giving you and your Jacksonville business streamlined protection.

If you’re wondering about the reasons to choose Kentronix as your security systems partner in Jacksonville, here are some of the reasons why. We were founded by engineers, which means we look at alarm systems as a whole organization of different components that have to work together. We also layout the design and make sure the power and connections are correct. We know how systems work, essential connections, and high-quality equipment and enjoy using the latest technology.

Security Camera System in Jacksonville, FL

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