Home Security Alarm Support / How To’s:

Experiencing Beeping on your System or Trouble Triangle on Keypad

Please press *, 2, #, # to silence the beep. Then proceed to troublshooting info below.

Troubleshooting your DSC control panel / keypad

First press *2 on your keypad:

If a number 1 shows in the window you have a low battery in the master control panel. Please call us to schedule a service call to replace your master control panel battery.

If a number 2 shows in the window, you have loss of AC power. Check to make sure your power transformer is plugged into the power receptical. If this does not fix the issue, please call us to schedule a service call.

If number 3 or 4 shows in the window, you have a communication to central station failure. Check your telephone to make sure you have a dial tone. If you have a dial tone, test your alarm system. (See below)

If number 5, 6 or 7 shows in the window, you are having a wireless device issue. Please call us to schedule a service call.

If number 8 shows in the window, proceed to reset time and date on the control panel. See instructions below for resetting time and date.

DSC Alarm System – How to Reset the Clock / Change Date & Time:

PC1616 Step 1 – Enter time/date programming by pressing [*][6] + [Master Code] + [1]

Step 2 – Enter [HH:MM] [MM/DD/YY] Note: hours and minutes are in 24 hour time format.
Step 3 – Press [#] to exit

Note: Program the time using military standard (e.g. 8:00 pm = 20:00 hours)

For all other DSC systems click here for specific instructions.

How To Test Your Alarm System

Step 1: Call Central Station and ask operator to place system on test for 30 minutes. Note, during this test Central Station will not dispatch on alarm signals.

Step 2: Arm your alarm system as you would normally in Home mode.

Step 3: Wait 2 minutes

Step 4: Open protected door or window to set off alarm.

Step 5: From your cell phone, call Central Station to confirm they have received the alarm signal. Inform Central Station Operator to take system off test mode.

Step 6: Disarm alarm by entering your alarm code.

If no signal was received by Central Station, please call us to schedule a service call.