Security Camera System, Home Alarm and Commercial Security Systems in Orange Park, FL and Surrounding Areas

Security Camera System in Orange Park, FL

Many Orange Park residents and business owners have stated that a quality security alarm will pay for itself. Whether you are looking for a deterrent system or that will immediately notify emergency personnel, Kentronix will design, install, and monitor the exact system for the protection you need.

Home Security Systems for Orange Park Homeowners – we know what your concerns are – keeping your family and your possessions safe. We can create a comprehensive home alarm system with a mix of motion detection, camera angles, intrusion alerts, and more. We also can set up home security systems for smart devices or 24/365 monitoring centers.
Commercial Security Systems for Orange Park Businesses – Commercial buildings have their own needs because they also have access control responsibilities and need 24/365 surveillance. There are also more threats and potential vulnerabilities that call for complex alarm systems. Commercial alarm systems typically include the use of a surveillance camera and CCTV camera system as part of the overall security camera system. We are also certified for all fire alarm installation parts from design to testing for commercial fire alarm systems.

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Security Systems and Fire Alarm Systems in Orange Park, FL

Kentronix brings over 40 years of experience in engineering security systems for the commercial and residential market. The engineering aspect of our business is what helps drive the quality of our work. We know how systems work, the essential connections, and high-quality equipment and enjoy using the latest technology.

• Over 40 years of high-quality security systems
• Only use the highest-quality equipment
• On-going training
• Consistently meet or exceed customer deadlines
• Licensed and certified
• Fire alarm installation and testing
• Locations in north and south Florida
Central monitoring station
• Security, fire, camera, and access control systems
• Residential, commercial, government, and religious customers
• Quality Assurance Program

We are excited to meet with you and tell you how we can help your family or business stay safe and secure. Our estimates are always free, and our portfolio includes security systems from small homes to large business complexes. We look forward to working with you!

Home Security Systems for Orange Park, FL Residents

Orange Park was founded in 1877 and, like many Florida Towns, was designed as a subdivision by an organization, in this case, the Florida Winter Home and Improvement Company. The town was incorporated in 1879, with the original property subdivided into building lots and farm tracts. Some of the original lot lines and streets exist today. Unfortunately, the fruit-growing industry was a bust when the industry collapsed in the Great Freeze of 1895.