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Believe us when we say a security camera system pays for itself. We’ve seen it time and time again. From deterring burglars, notifying of threats, record-keeping, evidence in court, and more, a security camera system is your first line of defense in protecting your business. At Kentronix, our customer base includes a diverse clientele, including various commercial industries along with homes, churches, and institutions. There is a security camera system for your needs from Digital Video Recorders (DVR) to Infrared Surveillance cameras.

Security Camera System That Protects Your Business

Security cameras were once basic surveillance cameras with back-up on VCR tapes. Now you have a world of choice for 360 vision, CCTV camera systems, night vision, motion detection, and more. Have you thought about what you would like in your security camera system? Even if you haven’t, let us know what you need, and we’ll come up with the right surveillance camera system for protection and record-keeping.

From Jacksonville down to Fort Lauderdale, businesses ask us to design the security camera system that will save them time, money, and stress. We work in Davie, Orange Park, Plantation, St. Augustine, and West Palm Beach to design, install and monitor suitable alarm systems for businesses to protect themselves. So don’t see your area listed, call us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Surveillance Camera and CCTV Camera Systems

Our customers use their security camera systems in several different ways. Sometimes this means linking systems such as a CCTV camera system or access control system. Therefore, we invite you to contact us to learn how to make your complete security camera system a reality.

Loss prevention and customer theft – not only can you see what is going on and have evidence if needed, but you also are sending out a clear message that you have a surveillance camera system in place. We’ll help you find the correct placement near high-risk or hidden areas.

Customer service – are customers greeted when they walk through the door? Are employees warm and welcoming? Is anyone spending too much time on their phone? Make sure the standards you set for your business are still being followed through even when you’re not there. A business is grown and continues to live by its reputation, but you can’t be there all the time.

Employee theft – an unfortunate part of the business that happens frequently. Employees are trusted with access to sensitive information and inventory, but some can take advantage of this trust for their benefit. Send a message that all areas are being monitored, including those with employee access only.

Records for liability – was there a wet floor without a sign? Did your worker put on the proper safety equipment before their fall? What was the date and time of the accident? A surveillance camera can work as a visual record of a situation that may be brought to court. Video evidence can be your backup.

Monitor entrances and exits – give those requesting entrance access only after showing ID. You can have front desk security procedures, but wouldn’t it be better only to let valid entrants enter the building first. Enforce showing government-issued identification, request they remove hats and glasses first, ask their reason for visiting, and more. This is a great way to prescreen visitors before they have access to your building.

Home and Residential Security Camera System

Some homeowners may want a beefier surveillance camera system than they can install themselves. At Kentronix, we have worked with homeowners to create the CCRV camera and surveillance camera systems they need to feel safe. Find out who is approaching your door, what time the kids come home, if anything is happening in the side yard, and more.

Remote Monitoring for your Security Camera System

For your business or your home, we can fix your security camera system with remote monitoring. You probably worry about what is going on while you are away. We’ll help you with the tools that will let you continually monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world. With smart technology, we’ll give you the ability to check your security camera system from your smartphone, tablet, computer, and more.

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New: High Definition 1080p Security Cameras & DVRs

Security Cameras in Plantation, Davie, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, & West Palm Beach, FL

Key Features:

  • HD1080P Video Output
  • Adopt HDTVI Technology
  • True Day/Night
  • 2.8 – 12mm vari-focal lens
  • 120dB True WDR, 3D DNR, Smart IR
  • Up to 131ft(40m) IR distance
  • IP66 weatherproof & Vandal Proof

Remote Security Camera Monitoring With Live Feed 24/7

Security Camera System in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Davie, Plantation, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Orange Park, FL

See & hear everything at your home or business using your computer, laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android phone with a 24/7 live feed . Kentronix Security features the best in CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Systems.