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Kentronix Security Systems is well-respected throughout Florida for designing home security systems that provide excellent protection for homeowners and their families. We customize and install the right alarm systems for each individual home and their needs using the highest quality security equipment available. After that, we follow up installations with monitoring centers that are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to keep your family safe. Be Sure, Be Safe, Be Secure with Kentronix Security Systems.

Home Security Systems in Orange Park, Jacksonville, Davie, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation and St. Augustine, FL

Home Security Systems for Northeast and Southeast Florida

For over 40 years, Kentronix Security has kept Florida safe by providing alarm systems for all the dangers in your home. Our success has resulted from providing effective and secure systems for all our residential and commercial customers who provide us with high ratings and referrals. We love getting referrals, but we love knowing our customers are protected even more. We have worked throughout the northern areas of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Orange Park, through to South Florida, including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, and Davie, FL.

Home Security Alarm Systems and Monitoring

The four factors that make excellent home security systems are design, equipment, installation, and monitoring. When these three factors are at optimal functionality, you can relax, knowing your home alarm will protect your home and your family.
When a burglar alarm signal is received at our Monitoring Center, a trained Kentronix Security professional will notify you and the police immediately. Get peace of mind with Kentronix Security by protecting what you value the most – your family and your possessions.

  • Design – Your home is unique in windows, entrances, yard, garage, high traffic areas, and more. While many intrusions happen through the front door, a burglar might look for weakness at other places. So let’s look at areas to protect in your home and locations to give you warning on any dangers, intrusions, and other risks.
  • Equipment – At Kentronix Security, we know that high-quality equipment is essential to detecting and reporting threats. We want to ensure our customers have the suitable home alarm systems for reliable reporting. How do we do this? But using the highest in quality security equipment available and keeping up on all advances in new state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Installation – To ensure effective use, each home security system element needs to be wired, have a power source, and placed accurately. For some areas, placement may include a high camera, another at eye level, and motion detection camera at another location. Likewise, some motion detectors should be placed low, while others should be higher. And, of course, all alarm systems need a power source and links to a monitoring system.
  • Monitoring – We want to make sure you never say, “why wasn’t I notified.” So not only can we design a system with smart notifications to your phone, tablet, or computer, but we also set your home alarm with 24/365 state-of-the-art central station monitoring so no matter where you are in the world, your home is safe.

We take every aspect of home security design seriously because alarms systems are just that – systems that only work as well as each part. At Kentronix Security, there is no cost for estimates, and we’ll give you an accurate idea of the home alarm system to protect your home.

Alarm Systems from Kentronix Security

People tend to think of alarm systems for burglary and intrusion, but your home faces many risks. If you had the opportunity to know about dangerous carbon dioxide levels or the start of a fire, how much safer would you feel? Our systems can be as comprehensive as your want for all the risks to your home.

Burglar Alarm Systems and Monitoring

Your burglar alarm is designed to protect your family and your assets. Unfortunately, many people report feeling unsafe, angry, violated, venerable, and more after even the most minor incidences of burglary. Let’s make sure that never happens with the highest quality home security systems from Kentronix.

  • Easy to use, set and adjust
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Small, non-intrusive footprint
  • Multiple locations
  • Sensors, cameras, and more
  • Protects family, possessions, home

Monitoring – Alarm signal are immediately sent to monitoring with direct notifications by Kentronix Security technicians to the homeowner and police.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems with Monitoring

Fires cause the most damage when no one is home and the most deaths while people are sleeping. The proper fire and smoke alarm systems can notify fire personnel at the earliest incident and allow residents to escape danger quickly.

  • Advanced detection
  • Warns of both fire and smoke
  • Proper placement essential
  • Various sensitivity warning levels

Monitoring – Alarm signals are immediately sent to monitoring with direct notifications by Kentronix Security technicians to the homeowner and local fire department.

Medical Alert Monitoring

A Kentronix Security wireless medical alert system can bring immense peace of mind to families worried about loved ones. While traditionally used by the elderly, medical alert monitoring can benefit anyone living alone or with a medical condition.

  • Protection for health and other emergencies
  • On-push button
  • Special medial alert signal
  • Wireless system

Monitoring – Alarm signals are immediately sent to the Monitoring center with direct notifications to medical personnel and other approved parties.

Carbon Monoxide Detection and Monitoring

Carbon monoxide is hazardous because not only can it come from many sources, it also is odorless and sightless. Most people will not know they have carbon monoxide without carbon monoxide alarm systems. And, most people sub come to carbon monoxide while sleeping without being aware they are experiencing symptoms.

  • Immediate notification
  • Various sensitivity warning levels

Monitoring – Alarm signals are immediately sent to the Monitoring center with direct notifications to you and the fire department.

Kentronix Security has the fastest response with our state-of-the-art central station monitoring. So give us a call today for your free consultation at Jacksonville (904) 777-5400.

No Landline Phone Required for Alarm Monitoring!

Alarm Systems in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Plantation, Orange Park and West Palm Beach, FL

With more and more homeowners switching to IP phone lines or cell phone only households, Kentronix Security provides the latest wireless technology to keep our home security alarm customers safe! Ask us about cell backup and our IP monitoring platform for home security monitoring.

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