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Commercial Security Systems in Plantation, West Palm Beach, Orange Park, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, FL and Surrounding Areas

Kentronix is a partner in creating commercial security systems that will protect the assets and people that make up your business. When you have a commercial business, you have so many more stakeholders you need to consider when looking for the perfect alarm systems – employees, vendors, customers, insurance, building codes, inventory, equipment, business interruption, and more. In addition, you need 24-hour security. With so much at stake, make sure you have the highest quality alarm systems from a top-rated company like Kentronix. Low sensitivity, immediate notification to emergency personnel, multiple set-ups, and more work together for comprehensive, effective security systems, including 24/365 monitoring centers.

Businesses from Jacksonville down to Fort Lauderdale have been using our alarm systems for 40 years. We have worked in Davie, Orange Park, Plantation, St. Augustine, and West Palm Beach to design, install and monitor the correct alarm systems for businesses to protect themselves.

Commercial Security Systems

Every business is different whether they have sensitive areas, inventory, high fire risk, entrance and exit monitoring, and more. When we meet with commercial customers, we work on a customer-driven design for the systems they want in their security alarm protection. We have worked with businesses, churches, high-rise condos, industrial complexes, daycare centers, and government centers, all with their own unique needs.

Our success is our ability to design the whole alarm system with reliability from detection to notification.

Kentronix Security Business and Commercial Alarm System features:

  • Commercial grade security products used in all installations
  • 24 Hour Central Station Monitoring
  • Zone programming to identify the exact point of alarm
  • Opening and Closing reports (can be programmed to identify user code)
  • Customized System to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Partitioning capabilities
  • All systems are easy to upgrade

Commercial Alarm Systems and Monitoring

We know your business requires a mix of different alarm systems for all the risks your business face. We can install one system or a comprehensive system to work together with the same central monitoring.

Available alarm systems from Kentronix:

Burglar Alarm Systems

What are you protecting? Access control restrictions? Inventory? Entrances? Sometimes customers need a security alarm for specific areas such as high-value inventory or areas with sensitive information. Other times customers may need to know when someone has entered the parking lot at unusual times. Whatever your goals are for your commercial security stem, we can make sure you reach them.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems

Early detection and notification, that’s our aim. However, your business may need different sensitivity levels due to the nature of the work or your needs. And, outside stakeholders such as insurance or local jurisdictions might have requirements you need also. We’ll work with everything you need in a fire and smoke security alarm to provide you with the complete monitoring system available.

Other Alarm Systems

Fire and burglar security systems are the most common systems we install for our commercial customers. Still, we can also work with several other early warning systems as needed. For example, carbon monoxide detection and monitoring, medical alert monitoring, and access control systems are all part of the alarm systems we design, install, and monitor.

Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring

Getting the correct sensors is one thing. Getting the notifications is another. Our central monitoring is run by Kentronix security professionals that will notify emergency personnel immediately and any other parties you want notified to limit damages as soon as possible.

No Landline Phone Required for Alarm Monitoring!

Alarm Systems in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Plantation, Orange Park and West Palm Beach, FL

With more and more homeowners switching to IP phone lines or cell phone only households, Kentronix Security provides the latest wireless technology to keep our home security alarm customers safe! Ask us about cell backup and our IP monitoring platform for home security monitoring.

Commercial Security Alarm Systems throughout Northeast and Southeast Florida

Kentronix Security has been protecting Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale area businesses for over 40 years. We’re a Certified Florida licensed alarm contractor providing all levels of business security from basic burglar alarm systems to complete hard wired alarm systems integrating video surveillance, fire alarm and access control.

Estimates for Commercial Alarm Systems

Estimates are always free, and we’ll design the system that works for your needs. When you need a security alarm from a licensed and insured company, call the experts are Kentronix.