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Learn about our smart home security systems

Control everything through a single device

Fully customized solution, specific to every home.

Monitor with ease from your phone or computer.

Very high security monitoring for intrusion.

Kentronix Smart Security Systems for Business and Home Protection

Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you should be safe and secure. When you have the right smart home security system for your Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, St. Augustine, Davie, and the surrounding area home, you can feel that safety and security.

Talk with our team at Kentronix Security to learn how a smart security system installed in your home can give you peace of mind even when you aren’t at home.

We have more than 40 years of experience helping homeowners like you protect their homes and family, so contact us today to learn more and schedule your smart home security installation.

Intrusion protection monitoring starting at $28.95/month.

Let a specialist come to your home or business and provide a FREE estimate!

Cameras Provide a Window Into Your Home

With the right security cameras positioned strategically around your home and property, your smart security system will provide you with a window into your home and property anytime you want it.

You might want to check on your kids when they come home from school, or you can remotely view the outside of your property at night if you hear something strange.

These cameras can also provide you with motion notifications and can even be recorded so that you have the evidence you need if a break-in occurs.

24/7 Monitoring For Your Protection

While you have access to your security system at any time from nearly anywhere, we also provide professional monitoring for your system as well. If you are away on vacation we can notify the local authorities and provide them with critical information about what is happening in real-time.

This monitoring happens while you are at home or away so you can feel confident that your personal sanctuary will continue to be safe and protected.

Professional Smart Home Security Installation

We will work with you to customize your smart security system with the right security devices, from door and window alarms to cameras inside the home and outside. We will then come to install all of these items and get them connected together so that you have a comprehensive coverage system for your home.

We will help to walk you through how to access the system from your phone as well as arming and disarming the system from home or remotely. Don’t leave your Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, St. Augustine, Davie, or surrounding area home unprotected. Call in the experts from Kentronix Security to add your personalized smart home security system today.