Home Security Systems, Security Camera System, and Fire Alarm Installation in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Homeowners are more likely to deter a thief and avoid a security incident with home security system installation and monitoring. Our team can help you secure your property in Jacksonville Beach, FL, with a customized security system, including security cameras, fire alarm monitoring, fire or carbon monoxide detection, and more.

Our team at Kentronix Security knows that you want to protect your home without any extra hassles. That’s why we make installing a security alarm easy! We are here to provide you with all of the details when looking to add a security system to your home. Contact us to learn more about how a home security system can offer more than just burglary protection!

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Home security systems in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Home Alarm and Security Systems in Jacksonville Beach

Having a security system at your Jacksonville Beach home provides a new level of security for your entire family. Just by having that window sticker or sign in your yard provides a level of deterrence from criminals. In some cases, having a home alarm installed will reduce your home insurance premiums and this can help to offset the installation cost of your security alarm.

When you add other features to your security alarm such as video cameras to extend the abilities of your security system, it allows you to provide valuable information should you experience an incident at your home. A picture is worth a thousand words, and video provides volumes of information. Keep your home and family protected with a home security system.

Fire Alarm Systems in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Fire Alarm Systems in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Another important way that you can enhance your home security system is by adding a fire alarm system with fire and smoke monitoring. When the system senses smoke or intense heat, it will trigger the alarm and call in the local fire department to help put out the fire. With strategic placement of smoke alarms that are connected to your home alarm, you extend the usefulness of the whole system and provide more robust protection to your family and your neighborhood in Jacksonville Beach.

In addition to residential services, we offer a variety of commercial security systems. If you need a surveillance camera, central station alarm monitoring, access control, or a security alarm system for your business in Jacksonville Beach, FL, get in touch today.

Contact our team at Kentronix Security to learn more and talk about the details.

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The first settlers were William Edward Scull, a civil engineer and surveyor, and his wife Eleanor Kennedy Scull. The settlement was named Ruby for their first daughter. On May 13, 1886, the town was renamed Pablo Beach after the San Pablo River. Jacksonville Beach is a coastal resort city in Duval County, Florida. It was incorporated on May 22, 1907, as Pablo Beach, and would later change its name to Jacksonville Beach on June 15, 1925.