Commercial Security Systems, Video Surveillance, Security Alarm, and Fire Alarm Installation in Parkland, FL

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No matter what kind of business you operate in Parkland, FL, the truth is that if you want to ensure your safety and that of your employees, you need to have a good commercial security system.

We’ve been providing security systems, surveillance cameras, fire alarm systems, and more for over 40 years to all kinds of businesses in Parkland and throughout South Florida. Don’t wait until after you’ve been broken into to think about adding a commercial security system, contact us today to get started on adding another layer of security.

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Security Camera System and CCTV Camera in Parkland, FL

One important part of your security alarm is including a security camera system. These cameras provide you with eyes in areas where you either can’t have a person or don’t regularly have someone watching that area. These CCTV cameras can be both outdoors and indoors, and there are specific camera types made for each of these settings.

Adding indoor, outdoor, and front-door cameras can grant even higher protection levels. This technology can also assist law enforcement in identifying and apprehending would-be thieves and vandals. You can even remotely access these security cameras in your system at any time as well.

Fire Alarm Systems in Parkland, Florida

Adding a fire alarm system to your commercial security system is a wise move. It is important to warn everyone in the building when there is a fire so they can get out before they get hurt. A fire alarm system can also place a call to the local fire department to get them dispatched to your location as fast as possible. When you have this full commercial security system you may experience a reduction in some of your insurance policies because you are taking additional steps for the protection of the business and employees. Follow the lead of other businesses in Parkland and have your security system installed by an experienced team from Kentronix Security. Contact us today to learn more.

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When you work with Kentronix you gain a partner who for the past four decades has consistently met or exceeded customer deadlines, production goals and delivery dates. We are the specialists professionals choose for sales, service, and installation of security systems, camera surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems, and central station alarm monitoring.

Serving Parkland, Florida

Conveniently located in Plantation, FL, we serve Parkland and the surrounding areas.

Parkland was established in the year 1963 and has grown rapidly in a very short time. The city consists of an abundance of natural and man-made lakes as well as copious open spaces lined with mature trees and beautifully manicured grounds. The land that Parkland resides in, Broward County, was originally to be named Everglades County, due to the vast Everglades surrounding the area.