CCTV Camera and Security Camera System in Davie, FL

CCTV Camera and Security Camera System in Davie, FL

We know you want the best security camera system because you need to protect your home or business in Davie. There are several choices you have. You can install a system yourself or go with a professional alarm system company such as Kentronix. For a simple, one surveillance camera system, you might be able to install it yourself. But this is only going to give you protection only in one area. Think of all the other entrances – windows, garages, side or back doors, and more. Less than half of intrusions happen through the front door, so if that’s all you are watching, you are risking the other 60% of intrusion target areas.

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Home Security Systems and Alarm Systems

Now let’s talk about home security systems. As stated above, less than 40% of intrusions are through the front door. So if you have a home alarm that only tracks the opening of the front door, then you are leaving a lot of your home and family unprotected. Instead, look at your Davie home as a total system. You have an alarm for the front door and maybe a surveillance camera. Now think about the rest of the home – sliding doors, windows, etc. How will those be added to the whole protection, and how will they notify you. When you are looking for complete home security systems, think about the sensors and the notifications. Like fire alarm systems, a home alarm system needs to notify of danger and detect it.

Sensors. There are a lot of options here in detecting opportunities. Do you want movement, opening, heat, or other types of sensors? You can even have a carbon dioxide alarm if you wish. You might want to add a couple of different types, such as motion detection in the driveway with a camera and opening sensors at windows and entrances.

Notifications. Here is where many advances have been made, and customers have more control. At Kentronix, we can give you a couple of different options. One is to get instant notifications on your smart device. This can allow you to react as needed. The other is our central monitoring center that responds to any fire alarm installation or security alarm by notifying the proper emergency personnel. Getting notification on your smart device is great, but a central monitoring station is a quick and accurate response 24/365.

Fire Alarm Systems and Security Systems for Davie Businesses

Davie, FL, has several headquarters within the town limits that also bring in smaller support companies and employees, often drawn in because of the town’s low tax rate. At Kentronix, we know that smaller companies and families are looking for security at a good value. Our estimates are always free, and we look forward to working with the businesses and residents of Davie right in one of the highest growth areas in the state.