Smart Security Systems in Jacksonville, Davie, Plantation & Surrounding Areas

6 things to know about smart security systems 

Kentronix Security Systems provides smart smart security systems in Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, St. Augustine, Plantation, Miami Lakes and surrounding regions.  

Here are six important things to know about smart security systems: Security Systems in Jacksonville, Davie, Plantation & Surrounding Areas

  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Smart security systems offer the convenience of remote monitoring and control through smartphone apps or web interfaces. This means you can arm or disarm your system, receive real-time alerts, and even view live camera feeds from anywhere with an internet connection. 
  • Integration and Automation: These systems can be integrated with other smart devices in your home, such as smart locks, lights, and thermostats. This allows for automation scenarios, like having your lights turn on when motion is detected or your thermostat adjusting based on your presence. 
  • Customization: Smart security systems often allow for customization based on your specific needs. You can set up different security modes for when you’re home, away, or asleep, adjust sensitivity levels for sensors, and create custom alert rules. 
  • Smart Cameras: Smart security systems often include cameras with advanced features such as motion detection, facial recognition, and even object tracking. Some cameras offer two-way communication, allowing you to communicate with whoever is in your home remotely. 
  • Cloud Storage and Privacy: Video footage and other data from your smart security system may be stored in the cloud. It’s important to review the privacy and data security policies of the system you choose to ensure your information is protected. Some systems also offer local storage options for added privacy control. 
  • Monthly Subscriptions: While many basic features of smart security systems are available without a subscription, some advanced features like continuous video recording, extended storage, and professional monitoring may require a monthly fee. Be sure to consider these costs when choosing a system. 

Remember that while smart security systems offer convenience and enhanced features, no security system is completely foolproof. It’s a good idea to combine technology with other security measures, such as proper locks and physical deterrents, to create a comprehensive home security strategy. Please call us without any hesitation.